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The Advanced Adventure Diver course will take you to new depths and a more extensive range of dive sites & conditions, allowing you to safely discover new marine life and environments.

It is the perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge, enhance your skills and become more self-aware under the direct supervision of an instructor. As you gain in confidence and experience, more advanced and interesting dive sites will open up to you, showing marine life under a different light. 

No exams, the course consists of 2 mandatory adventure dives (deep dive and navigation*) and 3 of your choosing to expand your experience and knowledge. You do not need to wait to do your advanced course and can sign up right after your open water course.

The real adventure starts here !

Add adventure to your dives while gaining confidence

SDI certification




Max depth


Specialties of your choosing


Open Water Adventure dives

IDR 5,000,000

For whom ?
SDI Open Water Scuba diver or equivalent, 12 years and older, looking to refine skills and gain confidence.

What will I learn ?
Deep dive techniques and physiological effects, advanced underwater navigation. Introduction to 3 specialties of your choice.

What is included ?
Materials, diving equipment, 5 open water adventure dives with an instructor, certification, and our usual coffee & tea, drinking water, snacks and towels during surface intervals.

What can I do after completing the course ?
You will be certified to dive down to 30m on a more extensive range of dive sites with a guide or buddy.

What is next?
Become a safer diver and better buddy with the Rescue diver course, or explore other adventure dives.

Our prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Underwater navigation *
Navigation techniques to orientate yourself underwater and reach your destination accurately & efficiently.

Drift diver
Dealing with currents and using them to your advantage for a relaxing and exhilarating dive. A fundamental skill for advanced diving.



Deep diver *
Knowledge, skills and techniques to dive to 30m. Dealing with the effects of greater depths on you and your equipment in a controlled environment.

Night/limited visibility diver
The most daunting but also rewarding experience. Reefs burst with life at night, as some are hunting while the others rest - get a better and closer look.

Advanced Bouyency control
One of the most important skills in scuba diving, and possibly the hardest to master. A fun course to move around effortlessly underwater.

Search & recovery diver
Introduction to search patterns, knots and recovery techniques.

Adventure Specialties

IDR 950,000

Having a hard time choosing?

Join us for any of the adventure dives above.

Would you like to know more and schedule a course ?

We'd love to hear from you, give us a call or drop us a line.

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