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Identify, prevent and respond to divers in need of help.

Known as the most challenging but also most rewarding training, the Rescue diver course is an essential step to becoming a responsible and reliable diver. As you learn to look beyond yourself and observe others, this course teaches you to identify potential problems and take action to prevent them.

Starting with the theoretical part, you will learn to understand and manage an emergency situation whilst deepening your knowledge of diving and aquatic injuries. Over the course of several skill sessions, you will learn more about recognizing & responding to a diver in need, providing rescue breaths as well as administering emergency oxygen. 2 rescue scenarios at the end of the course offer the opportunity to put both knowledge and skills into practice. As a rescue diver you will feel more confident and in control, ready to prevent & act in case of emergency.

Become a more aware diver and a better buddy !

SDI certification




Day of theory

OW skills

Rescue scenarios

IDR 6,000,000

FRT included - IDR 7,850,000

For whom ?
12 years+, advanced adventure level, Emergency First Response (EFR) certificate or equivalent CPR & First Aid training within the past 2 years.

What will I learn ?
Self-rescue, identifying and managing stress in other divers, rescuing panicked, unresponsive and missing divers, emergency management & equipment, dealing with diving & aquatic injuries.

What is included ?
Learning materials, equipment, 2 days in the water including 2 rescue scenarios, certification. And of course, our usual coffee & tea, drinking water, snacks and towels during surface intervals.

What can I do after completing the course ?
You will have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform or assist a rescue, and therefore a valuable asset to the diving community.

What is next?
Enlist for more adventure specialties, explore Technical diving, or take the first step towards a diving career as a Divemaster.

Our prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Would you like to know more and schedule a course ?

We'd love to hear from you, give us a call or drop us a line.

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