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If you wish to see the reef from a different perspective but are not (yet...) sure you will love diving, this introduction is for you. Have a go at scuba diving and take your first breaths underwater while admiring the liveliness of our house reef, just a few steps from the dive center !

We will introduce you to the basic principles of scuba diving, the diving equipment, and practice the fundamental skills in a controlled environment. Once you are comfortable in the water, embark on your very first open water dive under direct supervision and support of an instructor.

It's a great introduction to diving and adds a lot of fun to your stay in the beautiful South Lombok. Few can resist wanting to learn more about scuba diving after their first dive with us.


An exciting activity in a spectacular location !

Take your very first breaths underwater


SDI introduction




Max depth

1 or 2

Open Water dives

Confined dive

1 dive - IDR 950,000

2 dives - IDR 1,750,000

For whom ?

10 years and older, reasonably fit & comfortable in the water. An adjusted program is available for children of 8+ years old.

What will I learn ?

Safety guidelines, introduction to scuba diving equipment, basic skills & first experience breathing underwater.

What is included ?

Diving equipment, 1 confined water session to practice skills and 1 open water dive to 12m with an instructor. 

What can I do after completing the introduction ?

This is not a certification. However, as you will most likely be hooked by scuba diving after this, your dive can count as one of the Open Water diver course if you decide to get certified in our dive center. 

What is next?

Become a certified diver and dive to 18m with a buddy: continue with the Open Water course.


Our prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Would you like to know more and schedule a course ?
We'd love to hear from you, give us a call or drop us a line.
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