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Meet the Oceanway team

Dive guide

Abi is our dive guide, he will be showing you around the reefs and finding all the marine life for you. Abi is especially good at finding the very, very small stuff!


With 20 years of diving experience, 12 years being a dive professional and 6 years of diving the local area, Jake is here to make sure you have the best dive trip possible with his extensive knowledge of the dive industry and the location. You can expect a professional service and to see the secrets of the area only we know!


Man is our Office staff, he will be signing you in, giving you all your info and taking care of all your queries while here with us. Man is also a man of many talents and there is a chance you could see him underwater.

We are passionate about the Ocean

We just love diving, and hope you see the same beauty in our reefs as we do.

At Oceanway we place a great importance on the preservation of the local ecosystem, whether during a dive or on shore. With initiatives ranging from our solar-powered resort to a no-touch policy underwater, we strive to offer you a sustainable & responsible experience of South Lombok.

Our team also organizes regular beach-cleanings & supports local initiatives aiming to sustain and protect this fragile habitat without a voice.


Join us in protecting and conserving the underwater world we all come to admire.

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